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marzo 25, 2021

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You&rsquo,ve seen it happen. Maybe it&rsquo,s even happened to you.&nbsp, &nbsp, You get excited about a new project, get caught up in the whirlwind of fresh ideas, and pieces start falling magically into place as you hit that &ldquo,zone&rdquo, and watch the project become reality. Then WHOOSH! A brand new idea wisps through your mind when you least expect it, and you&rsquo,re instantly swept away from the project that was once full of energy, motivation, and dreams. A nagging guilt pulls at you for leaving that former project hanging, but you push it aside in favor of the freshness of something new.&nbsp, &nbsp, Why is it that some entrepreneurs get so much accomplished in life, while others get swept away with the flurry of new ideas, only to see those ideas blow away and never come into being?&nbsp, &nbsp, What really makes those entrepreneurs accomplish so much? And how do you become one of them?&nbsp, &nbsp, The &ldquo,secret&rdquo, is a powerful unseen force that starts with a success mindset and ends with Directional Accountability. These entrepreneurs recognize the three Realms in Directional Accountability and&nbsp, actively engage each Realm to become better, more productive business owners. Ideas that live in these three realms become the catalyst for more refined ideas to &ldquo,magically&rdquo, breathe their way into existence, leaving less great ideas and projects to be swept away by the whirlwinds of indecision.&nbsp, &nbsp, Asskickonomics&reg, guides you through these three Realms and gives you the tools you need to succeed like those you admire.&nbsp, &nbsp, It&rsquo,s time to stop allowing your passion for an idea in development to be whisked away, get focused, and watch those ideas take shape and become successful beyond your wildest imagination!_,
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