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For many businesspeople, the challenge of trying to become a successful leader is quite overwhelming.How do you consistently work on the business rather than in it? How do you truly connect with people? How do you make sense of what matters most? These are questions Vanessa Porter has heard many times.This book meets the growing demand for simple, practical and step-by-step advice for leaders to follow. Do Less, BE More&nbsp,is about overcoming the feelings of being overwhelmed and out of control. It will enable leaders to stop focusing their attention only on actions and results and show them how to become a Leader of Substance, one who concentrates on the quality of their thinking and the strength of their relationships. This delivers a greater sense of personal fulfilment, as well as tangible business results.Using her many years of experience working in senior roles in major corporations, Vanessa shares insights into why leaders often struggle. She also explains why &lsquo,tuning in&rsquo, must come first and how to achieve this, before outlining her five steps on how to become a Leader of Substance
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