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enero 21, 2021

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During one of my days off, usually on Saturday and Sunday, I was looking around the condo to all of its hidden places trying to find my mosquito. Not because I was thinking to kill it. Main reason was I had a strong wish to see him. How hard I tried. I was not able to find him.For a few nights, I was wearing night-vision goggles to try and find him. I ended up with no success.It becomes quite clear to me that the Mosquito and I were sharing the same space. I was not alone anymore, even if I become only his toy.He filled my time and was building a secret story between us. No one I know could explain it. He had food of me for many years to come, and I got a friend, a real friend.It took me longer than usual because I was thinking about my mosquito, and just before I was fully asleep, it happened, I heard his hum.He brought back to me my happiness and my forgotten social life. He becomes my entertainment and all that I have.Under the blanket, I slid my leg out until it became naked below my knee._,
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