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enero 21, 2021

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Carrie and Isaac Walsch had a love that everyone envied. They had the perfect marriage and life. So how did Carrie forget who Isaac was? Actor Isaac Walsch loves his wife, Carrie, an author, so much that he will do anything for her. He&rsquo,s even stepped up to be a wonderful father to Carrie&rsquo,s twin daughters, Sabrina and Sierra, whose father committed suicide. When Isaac and Carrie are at the hospital visiting his mother, who is recovering from a stroke, Carrie is brutally attacked, for reasons no one understands. She suff ers contusions, cracked ribs…and amnesia.Isaac is heartbroken when Carrie finally wakes up but has no idea who he is. Nor does she remember her daughters, her best friend, or anyone else. He knows they have to start over and fall in love again. But how can he make his wife fall for him again when she wants nothing to do with him?After several failed attempts, Isaac thinks he has fi nally gotten through to Carrie, but the conniving Nikki, an actress in the play Isaac is working on, makes the moves on Isaac and makes Carrie wonder how true Isaac&rsquo,s intentions are.Meanwhile, the unknown attacker who left Carrie for dead also kidnapped Isaac&rsquo,s mother. In addition to trying to rekindle his and his wife&rsquo,s lost love, Isaac also fears for his mother&rsquo,s life. While Isaac is Finding Carrie, will he find his mother as well?_,
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