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diciembre 29, 2020

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Sinopsis de FRED

Original oil paintings illustrate this funny and inspirational true story. Early discouragement from Natalie’,s dreadfully unimaginative art teacher Mrs. S didn’,t stop her from becoming an artist. Falling off her bicycle on an impossibly steep hill, getting bit on her you-know-what by a goose during Goose Tag, and freezing her tongue on the icy railing on Grandpa’,s porch after her cousins dared her to do it–well, none of those things broke Natalie’,s spirit. Today her paintings are in galleries and exhibits, and her dream of living and painting in Ireland has come true. FRED is an excellent choice for independent reading or classroom teaching for Grades 4 and up. It lends itself to learning inference, irony, new vocabulary words, and descriptive prose. FRED is also a delight to read aloud to children K-3rd Grade. Don’,t forget what makes this book special. Readers can watch the author paint the illustrations, including one abstract art piece, via short fun videos on the author’,s YouTube Channel._,
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Ciencias Humanas


Antropología de Europa

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