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septiembre 9, 2021

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Sinopsis de LELA IN BALI
…this specialist-oriented volume is a rich contribution to the literature on this region. Notably it seems directed as much toward the ongoing historiographical conversation in Bali itself as it is toward external scholars. JASO Online …constitutes an outstanding contribution in the study of history outside the traditional perspective of recourse to narrative sources (whether these be oral or written). African Affairs This amazing book…represents a model for scholars seeking to blend the tools of history writing and political/ cultural anthropology, its value is applicable not only in Cameroon, but elsewhere. International Journal for African Historical Studies With the suspense of a detective novel, [this slim, richly detailed volume] proceeds in a series of comparisons…This charming book is an exacting exercise in comparison and historical reconstruction. Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies …an important contribution – not only to the local history of the Grasslands of Cameroon. It offers a better understanding of processes of transformation of rituals and asks important methodological questions, which should be of interest to anybody dealing with the history of early photography in Africa and visual anthropology. As to be expected from the Cameroon Studies series the volume is rounded up by a comprehensive bibliography and a very useful index. Anthropos As in his previous works, Fardon does not make it easy for his readers to labour through his dense writing. However, it is absolutely worthwhile. This unconventional book contains a wealth of insights with far-reaching methodological consequences. It demonstrates how to recover history without even for a moment losing sight of the constructivity of the knowledge produced. Journal of African History Lela in Bali tells the story of an annual festival of eighteenth-century kingdoms in Northern Cameroon that was swept up in the migrations of marauding slave-raid
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