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diciembre 28, 2020

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Sinopsis de MAYA & GAIA

Maya &amp, Gaia – A Special Birthday is an illustrated&nbsp,book for children of age 3-4 years old. With 40 pages and&nbsp,20 illustrations, this is a touching story of a little girl Maya and her cat, Gaia. &nbsp,On the day of Gaia’,s birthday, Maya gives her a yellow bike as a gift. This is the start of an adventurous day where they go exploring&nbsp,their little town and the nearby woods. The exploration&nbsp,culminates in an encounter with a Dragon. Despite his terrible looks and the fiery grin&nbsp,, the Dragon is a sweet creature with lots of imagination and just looking for friends. &nbsp,At first,&nbsp,Maya and Gaia are scared&nbsp,and&nbsp,run away to hide behind a tree. However,&nbsp,they quickly realize&nbsp,that there is nothing to be afraid of. &nbsp,They approach him, trusting him&nbsp,and drawing him along to play. This is the&nbsp,start of an unexpected friendship and the continuation of a&nbsp,fun&nbsp,day. When&nbsp,sunset comes, Gaia’,s birthday cake is waiting for them at home. The&nbsp,Dragon then adds his personal touch lighting the birthday candles with his fire and&nbsp,making&nbsp,the celebration a little more&nbsp,special. With light-footed rhymes and bright illustrations, this is a story of heart and friendship. The book will be available in two languages and&nbsp,two versions
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