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octubre 30, 2020

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From the preface by Henri Kling: The present Method is intended both for the Natural or Stop-Horn and for the Valve or Ventil-Horn. In order to obtain a thorough mastery in horn playing, it is extremely advisable to begin with the study of the Natural Horn, for the purpose of acquiring the true quality of tone characteristic of the instrument and which is attained by but few hornists. They generally treat the instrument as though it were a Cornet a pistons or a trombone, thereby depriving it of its genuine character.Some of the pieces contained in this work are written for two horns, to enable pupils to play both parts alternately and thus become acquainted with the entire compass of the instrument the reasonable compass, that is, as it has been established by the mosteminent professors. The pupil should only attempt those pieces which are proportionate to his powers and study the exercises contained in the present School consecutively, in the order in which they are presented. Short practices often repeated – the maxim of the celebrated hornist Dauprat – shall also be our own motto. As soon as the lips are getting fatigued and the tone becomes uncertain , practice should be discontinued. Contents of this Method for the Horn:3 Designs: The manner of holding the hornPreparatory Exercises on tone productionThe Tongue-StrokeShort Exercises on the Tongue-StrokeDuetsThe stopped or closed NotesThe tones of the Ventil-hornEasy Popular Airs (Volkslieder) for the development of taste and expressionTranspositionMajor and minor ScalesExercises for Natural horn, on the diatonic scaleExercises on the lntervalsExercises on the chromatic IntervalsExercises on the chromatic scaleSlurred NotesDuetsThe Embellishments in MusicEasy and Progressive ExercisesExercise for sustaining the toneExercises on the scale of C majorScales in different KeysDivided chordsThirty Exercises for ArticulationSimultaneous Produ
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