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mayo 25, 2021

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About THE SAXOPHONE BOOK&hellip, THE SAXOPHONE BOOK&nbsp,comes from the innovative and creative mind of 3x Grammy winning saxophonist Jeff Coffin (Dave Matthews Band/Bela Fleck &amp, the Flecktones, the Mu’,tet). This 3-volume set is an extraordinarily thoughtful dissection and presentation of the musical fundamentals that Jeff calls &quot,The Big 5&quot,. 1)&nbsp,Listening 2)&nbsp,Tone/Dynamics 3)&nbsp,Articulation 4)&nbsp,Rhythm/Time 5)&nbsp,Harmony &nbsp, Why FUNDAMENTALS? Jeff believes that fundamentals&nbsp,are the &lsquo,roots&rsquo, of musical learning and, in order for the student to grow, they need strong roots. These books help&nbsp,develop and/or strengthen the fundamentals using a variety of creative and fun musical concepts, exercises, and ideas.&nbsp,From developing life long practice habits to sharing personal and philosophical ideas about music and musical spirit, Coffin has codified, and now made available, the wide array of materials that have made him one of the most recognized and sought after players, and educators, on today&rsquo,s scene. &nbsp, How to USE THE SAXOPHONE BOOK… It’,s very simple. A metronome, tuner, patience, and good practice habits&nbsp,are all&nbsp,you need. These books are designed to allow students&nbsp,to ‘,self-progress’,. However, Jeff&nbsp,always&nbsp,recommends some kind of consistent&nbsp,private instruction when&nbsp,possible. &nbsp, To get started, read through the intro&nbsp,pages. Then, start with Book 1, exercise #1. Choose a slow tempo on your metronome and start playing. Move your tempo up as you get more comfortable with each exercise. These exercises should be repeated. Many times. Remember, it’,s a PROCESS.&nbsp,Through repetition comes magic… &nbsp, The RESULTS… The results are many and will occur rapidly! Superior listening, tone, dynamics, intonati
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