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abril 19, 2021

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Sinopsis de THE WORSHIP T.R.A.P.

It was at that moment my time of discipline was beginning, and my heart began to break. The Holy Spirit began to show me that I had for years been so focused on the crowd, on how full the sanctuary was, on competing with other churches, on creating the right atmosphere to grow the church, on succeeding, that I had all but forgotten Him. I had been horizontally focused and I had all but ignored the unseen One in the room. It was in that moment the Lord began a long and sustained period of discipline that was directed toward my heart and my motives.   (Chapter 1) I had gotten trapped in the pressure to produce, the pressure to succeed, and the pressure to build the numbers. (Chapter 2) Idolatry is that area of your heart that struggles with allowing God to fully determine the consequences of your ministry. Until the Lord began to show me the idols in my heart, I had never considered that a believer could have idols, certainly not a worship leader! (Chapter 11) The Worship T.R.A.P. discusses very important, but seldom addressed areas of the ministry of worship leading. Each section includes discussion questions designed to create fresh dialogue for the church staff and worship team. This powerful book will be a blessing and encouragement to the pastor and worship leader alike.   Tony Pangle has served on staff in music and worship ministries for over twenty-five years in evangelical churches ranging in size from sixty in attendance to 3,000. He holds a degree in Music Education and understands the challenges unique to churches of various sizes. Tony is owner and founder of Worship Service Resources, a national company that for twelve years has provided music for thousands of churches that do not have musicians for congregational singing.  Tony feels the heart of the worship leader who is under pressure to get things going. Perhaps through The Worship T.R.A.P., we can begin to reframe the prevailing conversation about the true purpose of worship._,
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