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marzo 25, 2021

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Being able to communicate clearly, either spoken or written, has never been more challenging than it is today.&nbsp, So many of the modern techniques &ndash, e-mailing, texting, blogging, twittering, etc. &ndash, have led to a very different style of communication than has historically been the case.&nbsp, The overriding goal of these techniques seems to be brevity which is often accomplished at the expense of spelling, good grammar, meaning and clarity.&nbsp, Moreover, there is often a confrontational tone, especially in blogs.&nbsp,&nbsp,It is worth spending a little time talking about how to get your message across clearly and in a manner that the listener or reader will enjoy.&nbsp, After all, if you don&rsquo,t master the mechanics of effective communication, the content of your message won&rsquo,t much matter!&nbsp,Effective communication consists of two principal elements&nbsp, –&nbsp,what you say and how you say it.&nbsp, Truly effective communication requires both &ndash, one can&rsquo,t stand without the other.&nbsp, This book is about helping you say what you want to say in a manner that your audience will both understand and enjoy.&nbsp,The organization of the book is a catalog of a&nbsp, number of issues, categories, points &ndash, call them what you will &ndash, then offer several anecdotes relevant to the particular subject.&nbsp, So, if you are making a speech or preparing a written presentation, you can look through the list and see if there are anecdotes that will be useful in making your case.&nbsp, People listening to you or reading something you’,ve&nbsp,written are more likely to remember the point you are trying to make if you illustrate it with an anecdote &ndash, preferably a humorous one.&nbsp, Hence, this little book._,
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