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marzo 26, 2021

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&nbsp,&nbsp,&nbsp,&nbsp, This book is about the economic era that we live in as seen through the eyes of an economist. Donald Trump did not bring about division, the division brought about Donald Trump. There is a world conflict between the Collectivists (Globalists) and the Individualists (Nationalists). &nbsp,&nbsp, &nbsp,Globalists believe that global organizations should direct human affairs, whereas Nationalists support national sovereignty. A Nationalist has a desire to protect his nation regarding common birth, race, history, language, customs, and traditions. Globalists are concerned with preserving shared ideals, such as cultural diversity, different gender identities, gay marriage and open borders.&nbsp,&nbsp,&nbsp,&nbsp, The difference between a Nationalist and a Globalist is the difference between paper and blood.&nbsp, The Globalist is concerned with what is legal and official, like a paper document that makes him a citizen of a country or a state. A Nationalist cares about genetics and heredity. I could migrate to Japan, become a legal citizen of the state and learn to speak Japanese, but I will never be Japanese because blood is stronger than paper. &nbsp,&nbsp, &nbsp,But there are other players on the stage besides nationalists and globalists. Progressive liberals believe themselves to be defenders of minorities and the downtrodden and seek to eliminate inequalities. You have a progressive attitude towards gender if you dress girls in blue and boys in pink to challenge stereotypes. Neoconservatives are people involved in the secret manipulation or control the government’,s military policy. War is the most profitable industry in the world&mdash,and the Neocons make constant profits with constant wars.&nbsp,_,
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